Although we bike to work every day and do occasional tours with over 100 km on weekends, we never set off on a long cycling journey, however it is a dream that we will certainly realize one day. To travel for days or weeks on a saddle special equipment is needed for your road, touring or mountain bicycle, and Pannier is the perfect place to find it. Founded by Stefan Amato, the British site is a shop, but more importantly a community where courageous cyclists share their journeys around the world, whether a trip to the Atacama Desert or Tuscany. Convinced that the saddle of a bicycle is the most advantageous point to travel, Amato has created a platform where the beauty of cycling is revealed in an exemplary manner through quality photography and compelling stories. In addition to the motivational and inspirational aspect, Pannier provides everything you need to travel, from a complete guide (full of preparation tips, tactics and necessary equipment), maps for adventures in the UK and Europe as well as a careful selection of accessories like clothing and backpacks, tents and sleeping bags, tools and stoves. A must visit for travelers or for those who want to be inspired to start seeing the world pedaling!

“Before taking to the road, three matters claim consideration, namely, the question of when, where and how to tour, for noone jumps on his cycle for a holiday on the spur of the moment without thought for such things.” Reginald Wellbye, Cycle Touring at Home and Abroad (1909).

“On a bicycle you go fast enough to cover a whole continent in a reasonable time and slow enough to see very many interesting things.” Frank Van Rijn, cyclist and explorer.