After just over three years, twelve issues and a book, Kinfolk became a cult publication internationally and a symbol of a new style of simple and relaxed life. Like the magazine, which cultivates the quality of materials and aesthetics in everyday life, the new clothing brand launched by the Kinfolk team translates this same attitude towards style. Possessing two annual collections, Ouur is influenced by Scandinavia and Japan, regions that lay great attention on detail, value simplicity and doing more with less. Showing a series of timeless pieces, the collection of the brand stands out for classic silhouettes, neutral color palettes and comfortable materials. The new Autumn/Winter 2014 collection can already be seen in Ouur site.

"The Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is our first foray into dressing for the year’s cooler days. To help you layer up as the temperatures drop, we’ve incorporated seasonally appropriate materials such as wool from the English and Scottish countryside, as well as Japanese cotton and cashwool sourced in Italy. We’ve focused on our favorite basics—wool blazers, hooded jackets and knitted sweaters—to provide warmth and comfort, lightweight textiles that allow you to be active in the crisp air."