Olio by Barber and Orgerby

Founded in 1815, Royal Doulton is one of the most iconic brands in the United Kingdom, known for their classic ceramic tableware and objects. However, in recent years, the British brand has been renewing its collection by introducing contemporary design lines, which combine the experience and tradition of the Royal Doulton to the needs of today. In the year that celebrates 200 years of existence, Royal Doulton launched Olio collection, designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. Recognized for their unique approach, in which simplicity, function and beauty are essential, the design duo has developed an eclectic range of items for the table, such as the English word Olio states: ‘a miscellaneous collection of things’. Combining several materials and surfaces, including ceramics, wood and stainless steel, Olio includes service, cutlery and trays. Due to its simplicity and timeless design, Olio coexists perfectly with other objects in the home, working well together or alone. Inspired by the history of Royal Doulton, which manufactured stoneware pipes in the first years of existence, Barber and Osgerby have raised this material in an exemplary manner, using glazed ceramic combined with exposed terracotta, in a set of neutral and harmonious tones. We love everything!

“We set out to design a tableware range of eclectic shapes, materials and textures. The collection is reminiscent of timeless found objects that have their roots in the manmade. We imagine people will use the range in an adhoc way and enjoy combining it with existing pieces. This concept moves away from the conventional idea of buying a set of matching tableware.”