With this name it could even be a traditional pub, but instead is a beautiful shop in Shoreditch, London. Founded last year by Tom O'Dell, who worked in menwear for several years, this little shop is proof that the British capital is an unique place with regard to the best independent retail. As the name implies, O'Dell's is a space with a strong personal touch, where the founder presents his favorite brands from around the world, many of them exclusive in the UK. The selection of products is exemplary and addressed to someone who appreciates quality products designed by artisans or small brands, as a limited edition of O’Dell’s knitwear, PF candles, Honest skincare products, leather items by Ashdown Workshop, Turner & Harper brushes and perfumes by Musgo Real, among many other things. In addition to the selection of products, the store also worth visiting for the relaxed atmosphere, simplicity and lots of natural light!