O Editorial x Arte Assinada

After launching the special editions online, O Editorial paired with Arte Assinada to present the collection to friends and press. Located in Chiado, this concept store is one of the most appealing spaces in Lisbon, being directed by our good friend Vasco Águas de Oliveira. Presenting a selection of the best portuguese and international brands, and always encouraging new ideas, Arte Assinada naturally become the physical selling spot for O Editorial collection.
In spite of the intense rain, the presentation couldn't worked better and the mood was great, being a success with Quinta do Pôpa wines and food by Abram a Boca e Fechem os Olhos of Marta Braga, to whom i thank for all the personal support and incitement to always do more and better things! Thanks to all that have come to the event and my friend Artur Lourenço for the wonderful photos...

Arte Assinada
Largo Trindade Coelho 13
1200-470 Lisbon
+351 218 948 047