O Apartamento

It all started last year with the temporary Lisbon Winter Store, in collaboration with the Cereal magazine. Now in its new permanent space, O Apartamento started its schedule of events that aim to bring together people of different areas, create synergies and foster projects. Housed in a real house in the center of Lisbon, full of light and decorated in a simple and welcoming way, the apartment reflects the good taste of its founder, our friend Armando Ribeiro, but also his need to share the good things in life, be it art, design or food. Aiming to bring to Lisbon every three months an international magazine, invited to present their latest issue and associated projects from their cities, O Apartamento also intends to promote artistic residencies, temporary shops, exhibitions, dinners, workshops or brand launches. We were in O Apartmento for the first event, the launch of the third issue of Openhouse, and talked with Armando Ribeiro:

Tell us more about you...
I’m 43, I like and need to travel. I'm addicted to magazines, love photography, contemporary dance, books, cinema, etc. I’ve the need to be close to nature, I have many plants at home and a beautiful cat. I believe we can only do something well if we believe in what we do and who we do it with. I wish I had more time to cook and play sports. I do not drink coffee. I am very independent, but I do like to share.


How did you came up with the idea of O Apartmento? What do you like the most in the space?
It has emerged over the years and in September 2014 I moved forward with the project. The idea began with the possibility of inviting international magazines to come to Lisbon and present their latest issue and to bring an associated project. As I said I was always addicted to magazines and kept asking me who these people were and from there the project took shape.

“The apartment's light is very special! It was certainly decisive for the choice of location, the space division and also the fact that it is completely white.”


How did your love for magazines started? What are your favorite publications?
Since I was a teenager I started to buy magazines and never stopped. I've always been very curious about what was going on in the world and always wanted to go explore it. The magazines, as a teenager, were the way to go traveling. I’ve made notebooks for each city and where would I go when possible. Hotels, restaurants, shops, galleries, etc. I love Ernest Journal, Boat, Another Escape, Kinfolk, Openhouse, Riposte, Suitecase, Oak and many others.


How do you see O Apartmento in a year?
I don’t know what to tell you. We just opened doors. I hope it stays a passion for all 3 (we’re a team of three), that more people know the space, appearing for a visit and hope we have better projects and that sharing, which is the main factor of the project, reach more and more people.


Places where you would take a foreign friend coming to Portugal?
For dinner De Castro Flores or Tasca Cardoso. For lunch Espaço Espelho de Água or Este Oeste in CCB. For the sunset the Tivoli Sky Bar or Park. Galleries and museums: Gulbenkian, Barbado Gallery, MUDE - Museum of Fashion and Design, among others. For shopping: A Vida Portuguesa, Cais Pimenta Rosa, LX Factory, the antique shops at São Bento. It always depends on the friend or girlfriend.