Since the last few seasons that we’ve been following the interesting South American brand Nido. Founded in Buenos Aires, Nido features an appealing collection of essential garments, produced entirely with local sheep wool. Featuring a special attention to detail, all the brand's pieces use dyed, spun and knitted wool by hand in Argentina. This respect for craft processes and quality materials is reflected in the originality of the collection, in the small details and imperfections that make it special and timeless pieces. Although it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, Nido's Autumn/Winter 2015 collection presents some basic essentials we love for the next cold season, including sweaters, cardigans, gloves and caps in neutral and earthy tones. In Europe, Nido can be found in Fable + Folly in UK, Riviera in Switzerland and UshowU in the Netherlands.

“The process of creating each of our garments is completely handmade. Wool is a natural and noble material with very valuable qualities which just needs a few steps to suit our body and fulfill a need as basic as warming us up. So, the main property of our clothes is that they are made of wool, and their value lies on the simple and natural way in which its handled, from the sheep to the finished piece, without any extras because we believe it is not necessary.”