Murray Carter by Cineastas

At the end of his teens, Murray Carter, a canadian from Halifax, Nova Scotia, travelled to Japan to practise Karate and ended to stay half of his life in the land of the rising sun. However, it weren't the martial arts that made Carter stay, but the fascination for knives and a six years apprenticeship with a 16th generation Yoshimoto bladesmith. Moving back in 2005 to the american continent, to Oregon, United States, Murray Carter become the 17th generation in the Sakemoto family tradition and the first caucasian to have this position. With 23 years of experience, the canadian born bladesmith makes high-quality knives through artisanal methods, pairing tradition and attention to detail. In this wonderful film by Cineastas, Murray Carter talks about his apprenticeship in Japan, work philophy and the importance of pursuing one’s dreams!