Moto di Ferro

Despite the bicycle being our favourite two-wheeled vehicle, projects such as Moto di Ferro leave us impressed for recovering in an exemplary way the beauty of motorcycling's golden age. Founded by Marco Lugato, former pro motorcycle racer and currently known for his meticulous and bold work as a designer and blacksmith, the brand celebrates the best of Italian craftmanship, combining vintage inspiration and extreme attention to detail. Produced in Venice, near the heart of the local steel and mechanical engineering industry, Moto di Ferro's vehicles express the passion and nonconformist style of Lugato and his team.
Directed to speed and beauty enthusiasts, Moto di Ferro presents three appealing models. While The Tracker is an urban version of the model that became famous after the movie 'On Any Sunday' from 1971 and The Bobber being perfect for enjoying the open road at great speed, The Scrambler could not be better to hit the dirt roads and discover unknown tracks.
Of great simplicity and elegance, the bikes are instant classics, recovering the archetype of custom-made motorcycles, featuring modern chassis and natural elements such as aluminum and leather, nothing else! More about Moto di Ferro here.

“We make motorcycles designed to do what we want to do, and say what we feel like saying”.