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Founded by Swiss photographer Stefan Jermann, the online magazine Mirus is an independent publication dedicated to the discovery of hidden corners in big cities. With each issue dedicated to a single district, Mirus transmits realistically the environment and the people who make the soul of each of these urban spaces, whether a 'quartier' in Marseille or a rising ‘barrio' in Buenos Aires. In the third issue, the magazine went to Lisbon to document the transformation that is occurring in Intendente neighborhood. Together with our good friend Ivan Carvalho, journalist and correspondent for Monocle in Milan, Jermann visited this little piece of Lisbon, which promises to be the anchor for the revitalization of this derelict area. Showing that entrepreneurship and social activism can be successful recipes for the evolution of a neighborhood and its inhabitants, Mirus talked to some people who are making a difference in the Intendente and visited the most emblematic local spaces. In addition to talking to Catarina Portas, founder of A Vida Portuguesa (which has opened its third store here), and Marta Silva, who manages Largo Residências (the center of Intendente cultural revitalization), the magazine visited Cervejaria Ramiro, Retrox vintage stop, FabLab, Forno do Tijolo market, among many other things. A must-read!

“What I find interesting about Intendente is that it’s the only neighborhood in Lisbon that’s unexpected. I don’t know what I’ll find in the street and what sort of people I’ll meet. For example, in Avenida da Liberdade or Bairro Alto, you expect to see locals of a certain social class dressed in a certain way and of course there are tourists. Here, it’s surprising. At 5pm, the African immigrants go to the mosque, then you might see Portuguese teenagers loitering about the square. In the evenings, there might be local artists or a foreign couple having a beer at the bar. It’s a meeting spot for people from all facets of society.” Catarina Portas



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