Meter Magazine

Since the creation of Tracksmith that we fell in love for the running equipment of the American brand. Inspired by the golden age of athletics and featuring pieces produced in the United States with quality materials, Tracksmith stands out for the timeless design, simplicity and performance. More recently, the brand coming from Boston launched the first issue of Meter, a magazine about the running culture. Desiring to counter the more commercial side of athletics and the mentality of “everyone gets a medal” of the major international marathons, which reduced the appetite for competition, the magazine celebrates the tradition and the amateur spirit that founded the sport. In the first issue, Meter presents the Robertson twins, runners coming from New Zealand, recapitulates the story of Johnny Kelley, Boston Marathon winner in 1957, and shows the moorlands of the northern England, where a running tradition developed. A must-read!

“Meter is different. Staying true to the classic forms of athletics – track and field, cross country and road racing – it brings you the best stories from the sport we love.”



Marathon Runner John Kelley