Denmark has long been synonymous with quality in the field of interiors, however the danish design was until a few years ago (almost) confined to classics by Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner and company. Brands like Menu came to bring a new perspective of Danish design, combining the long aesthetic tradition of the country with a refreshing vision, full of color and with a more accessible and fun image. Founded in 1976, Menu was born due to a deep passion for design, new materials and unique details. Collaborating with new talent and established designers, the Danish brand presents a unique aesthetic, defined by Menu as 'soft minimalism', which includes unknown reeditions, lighting, furniture and accessories.
From the entire collection, we highlight the trestle table designed by Cecilie Manz, the Afteroom chair, Fungi shelves, the lamps range by Grethe Meyer, JWDA table lamp and the wall clocks in marble.

"We work strategically with innovative products. We’re obsessed with clever solutions and functional details. We’re lucky to work with some of the best designers in the world and we make sure that a new Menu product always has either a new function, a new material or a new production method. Because that’s the originality that makes it a true Menu product."