Martim Sunglasses at O Editorial Shop

Designed by Ramiro Paulino, third generation of a family of opticians, the Paulino Spectacles glasses are carefully handcrafted, by artisans with decades of experience, in the last factory in the Iberian Peninsula. 

Step by step, “the artisan gives life to the piece envisioned by the designer and transforms the raw material, from the mould and the cutting of the acetate through to the manual polishing of each piece, which makes each one unique,” says Ramiro Paulino.

Combining comfort, durability and timeless design, Martim sunglasses are the perfect accessory to protect your eyes in style. After my visit to the Paulino Spectacles factory and the admiration i've for this Portuguese brand, Martim sunglasses are available  in O Editorial shop, in a beautiful shade of petrol blue and brown Mazzucchelli acetate.