Mantis by Bernard Schottlander

Founded by Philippe Cazer and Frédéric Winkler, DCW Éditions is a french company dedicated to bring back to life some of the most beautiful classics of the 2oth century: "objects which are companions to our daily existence that are reliable, honest, carefully thought and perfectly crafted". Besides Lamp Gras lighting collection and Surpil chair, DCW Éditions presents Mantis sculptural lamps, designed in 1951 by Bernard Schottlander.
Born in Germany in 1924, but fleeding to England in the beggining of Second World War as a jewish refugee, Schottlander learned to weld and studied sculpture after serving with the british army in India. Describing himself as a "designer for interiors and a sculptor for exteriors", Schottlander was an admirer of Alexander Calder's work, expressing in his creations the movement and organic shapes for which the american artist was known. Reflecting this elegance and lightness, Mantis collection stands out for the clever counterweights system and the thin, but strong, flexible metal bars. Making a visual game between balance and imbalance, in which the symmetrical and asymmetrical are in opposition, the lamps designed by Schottlander express a rare poetry through design and are definitely one of the most brilliant creations i've ever seen.