Being one of our favorite blogs, Little Upside Down Cake is known for the simplicity of photography, interesting stories and love for food. Recently, our neighbour and creator of LUDC Sanda Pagaimo launched an appealing online store, filled with pieces produced in collaboration with her favorite Portuguese brands. After meeting in the last few years a some local artisans that she admires, both professionally and personally, Sanda had the idea of developing a store that transmited perfectly the language that has been developed in the blog. After several months working together, LUDC shop has come up with an exclusive collection, a perfect marriage between the various aesthetic views.
Featuring pieces produced manually, the store offers a unique selection of products signed by MF Ceramics, Anna Westerlund, Sul and Wood Fox. While MF Ceramics created delicate bowls and dishes in porcelain, Anna Westerlund developed beautiful jars, boxes and bowls in ceramics. In addition, Sul produced exclusively a leather wallet and iPhone and an apron in linen and cotton. In turn Fox Wood offers an appealing collection of handcrafted wooden spoons. We loved everything!

“Every single piece is unique and handmade with love.
Every single imperfection is due to be celebrated.
Every single piece has a place in my hart and I hope it wins place in yours also.”