It's always refreshing to see independent shops paying particular attention to the choice of products, and Local is the perfect example of this. Established in Berlin in October 2014, the store offers a careful selection of high quality pieces in its beautiful space in the Kreuzberg district. In order to support locally produced brands and buck the trend of manufacturing far away from the creation country (to lower costs, for example), Local offers only objects produced in their country of origin, thereby ensuring that they are developed with passion, attention to detail and respect the human and natural resources.
In addition to this, Local has a commitment to timeless design, in products that are here to stay, showing an exemplary choice of men's clothing, homewear, cosmetics and lifestyle articles. In addition to the Simon & Me collection, which has the office at the back of the store, you can find Noble Denim clothing, Tanner Goods leather accessories, furniture by Mykilos, objects by Field, Mast Brothers chocolates, Monkey 47 gin or Couto toothpaste. More about Local here.

“As a conceptual and independent store, Local remains unique in its culture and identity. Its purpose is to support and showcase like-minded brands that share our ideas of craftsmanship, quality and aesthetic vision”.