Livid Jeans

The phrase 'to have less, but better' has guided us in recent years, not only with the collaborations of O Editorial or the newly launched Cabana Shop (co-founded together with Abram a Boca e Fechem os Olhos) but also in our consumer choices. Culminating in the publication of an article for Doze magazine about the revival of denim, my search for the best jeans led me to find brands internationally who are doing a remarkable job in terms of this iconic garment.
More recently, through Port Corner store, I found some jeans by Norwegian brand Livid and after some research, I found that they gathered the best both worlds, using the best selvedge denim and producing its collection in Europe, particularly in Trondheim and Barcelos, Portugal.
Intending on making jeans as in the old days, the founders of Livid left nothing to chance, from the manufacturing, attention to detail and use of quality denim, coming from Japan and the United States, from renown mills as Kuroki, Kurabo, Nihon Menpu, Maruwa and Cone Mills.
One of our favorite models from Livid is the Jakob Slim (that we recently acquired), produced in a small family-owned factory in Portugal with 15.5 oz rigid selvedge denim from Kuroki. Resistant and ready for a long life of use, jeans as the Jakob Slim demonstrate the difference between the most common pieces developed by the well-known names in the market and small brands like Livid, who transport us in time through their quality and authenticity .

“Livid Jeans is a small manufacturing company from Norway, created from a simple love and passion for superior quality and true craftsmanship. Dedicated to honor old traditions in making jeans, and inspired by a time when superior quality, supporting local trade and taking care of own garments mattered.”