Founded in 1982 in Tokyo, Idée is a store and furniture brand that explores the idea that "life is about everyday". Known for the simplicity and for promoting the aesthetic in everyday life through an eclectic selection of furniture and objects from various cultures, the japanese brand has in its online magazine Lifecycling the celebration of their lifestyle. Introducing the 'nests' of people who are passionate and selective about the objects that surround them, Lifecycling shows interiors of relaxed houses, lived spaces, where small details make all the difference. Apart from the excellent photographs of houses like the one owned by illustrator Mariko Hirasawa or designer Kanako, Lifecycling visits also include inspiring interviews, in which the hosts speak of their journey, inspirations and homes. In early 2014, Lifecycling went to paper with the launch of a book that includes 16 stories published online, a truly essential volume!

"We believe that 'Quality of Life' is a cycle of having an imagination to make wishes reality, creating things by hand (=art), owning items that we become attached to, interact with people, memories, nature, environment and, above all, living."