Apart from Sweden, so far no one would know the meaning of 'Lagom' - means having the right amount of something - but after the release of the eponymous magazine, the word could not make more sense, even for those who do not speak Swedish. Founded by Elliot Jay Stocks and Samantha Stocks, Lagom presents a series of creative living from their passions and pastime activities that offer inspiration
Coming from Bristol, the Mecca of independent magazines (Cereal, Another Escape and Ernest Journal are just a few of the publications originating from this British city), Lagom is a biannual magazine that celebrates the perfect balance between work and life, a relaxed lifestyle and the return to origins. Wishing to present a friendly and inspiring magazine, the founders recently presented the first number, in which we can find an eclectic selection of topics in its 128 pages. Apart from beekeeping on rooftops of London, a visit to Michelberger Hotel in Berlin or the perfect place to drink coffee in Melbourne, the first Lagom features traditional typography P98a, illustrator Johanna Basford and the best craft beer bars in Bristol, among many other things.