Kollektion 58 by Karl Schwanzer

Guided by the principle that "quality is more important than merit," architect Karl Schwanzer is known for having designed the iconic building 'Four Cylinder', BMW headquarters in Munich and the Austrian pavilion for the Universal Exhibition of 1958, in Brussels. In addition to the pavilion, known as 21er Haus, Schwanzer developed an appealing line of furniture for the interiors of the building, now reissued by Schneeweiss. Despite the collection showing a typical fifties design, Kollektion 58 pieces are remarkably timeless, for its simplicity, elegance and use of quality materials. Beyond the indoors armchair, with its metal frame, solid wood arms and upholstered seat, the outdoors armchair in acacia and the conference chair are the pieces that most caught my attention.

"Believing that the success of a project was more important than his own economic reward, Schwanzer was meticulous in adhering to his own quality standards, no matter how small the assignment."

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