Kinfolk 15

Despite the growing number of independent magazines, Kinfolk remains an essential reference and the volume 15 is dedicated to some of the topics that catch our attention the most: entrepreneurship, changing the way we work and of course the relationship between working life and leisure. As a celebration of the courage of established entrepreneurs and encouragement to aspiring ones, the latest Kinfolk issue focuses also on the pleasure we can have when we do what we like and that creativity can be in anywhere, from saving lives to the arts. While we wait for its release in early March, the excerpt available online signed by Carl Honoré, author of 'In Praise of Slowness', advocates the need for slowing down, not only for our physical and mental health as well as to become more productive, and at the end of the day enjoying our jobs more. In addition, Honoré gives special attention to one of the factors that must be changed in the old-fashioned enterprise environments, to be rewarded for what we produce and not by the hours we spent in the workplace. A must-read!

"Success is defined not only by the work we do but also by the people we help, the communities we build and the healthy balance we strike between work and leisure".

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