Launched by Diel Vaneenooghe, descendant of a family that builds bicycles since 1934, Jaegher is a tribute to the beauty and quality of steel, in a carbon dominated market. His great-grandfather Odiel won the hardest stage in the Tour of Belgium in 1932, the grandfather Ettienne opened a café-cum-bike shop in the fifties and his father Luc developed bicycles for Eddie Merckx, among others, Diel Vaneenooghe has cycling in his blood and combines the best of both worlds, pairing tradition and modernity. Each frame is handmade in their workshop in Ruiselede, Belgium, using the best italian and british steel, resulting in light and robust bicycles. Being made-to-measure with great attention to detail, Jaegher bicycles are available in 11 colours and have an undeniable timeless charm.