J. Lisbon

Best known for being the person behind the camera of O Alfaiate Lisboeta blog, José Cabral recently presented his new project, J. Lisbon, an online garment store for men. As O Editorial, José Cabral (pictured below with a navy blue jacket) appreciate well made things, attention to detail and the dissemination of the best portuguese brands. Wishing to counter the lack of visual context of most online stores, J. Lisbon presents a fine selection of pieces in a casual and personal way, much like the work developed in O Alfaiate Lisboeta over the past five years. Apart from the more realistic visual aspect, each piece is accompanied by a note of José Cabral, a result of his appreciation for the featured brands. Beyond the collections of our friends Ideal & Co, La Paz and Green Boots, J. Lisbon presents an eclectic selection of Portuguese and international brands, including Lobo Marinho, No Brand, Parka London and WLROD, among others. We talked with José Cabral to know more about his project:

How did you come up with the idea for J. Lisbon?
Two years ago a Regional Director of the Ministry of Economy had challenged me to make a website about Portuguese brands. I visited some brands and factories, but the initiative never moved forward. The truth is that eventually made me think a little in retail models and, in particular, online retail. As the experience with O Alfaiate Lisboeta always pushed me, so to speak, for real visual contexts and a romantic perspective, but always very frank, I thought it would made sense creating a store where people feel that, rather than the commercial and financial logic inherent in any business, there was also a conceptual sense and a genuine effort to add value to their customers.

"And I wanted it to be something for men. Because it was the way I could control everything down to the smallest detail - the reviews of J. Lisbon are the result of the experience I had with the product - and because, as a man, I like brands and projects that are dedicated exclusively to what I consider being my reality or needs."

How did you choose the brands?
I approached the brands I like the most and think that don't have (yet) a lot of notoriety. Because no man needs to know, by hypothesis, Lacoste polos in J. Lisbon. The aim is also to present new men products and brands and, that way, adding value to it.

How do you define your style?
Classic. But I would say I'm not too conventional. Or at least not to the extent I am sure that the Portuguese men (still) are. But still ... I think it's 'classic.