Interview with Paulo Alves

A few months ago, in a Chá Camélia event in Lisbon, I discovered Paulo Alves ceramics and was fascinated by its unique aesthetic. The simple shapes, inspired by traditional japanese ceramics, subtle earthy tones, the delicacy and the magnificent tactile aspect, make his creations the perfect accessory for a tea ceremony or as decorative pieces. I talked with Paul Alves about his journey and inspirations:

Tell us a bit about your journey?
I started making pottery in 1987. I started with a course of one year and then followed several years to deepen my knowledge through other courses in Portugal and Spain.  I lived in Lagos, where I had the opportunity to be an assistant of two sculptors, Vera Gonçalves and Raymond Dumas. It was a remarkable step from the perspective of everyday life in an atelier to the work they were creating. In 1997 I moved to Castelo Branco, where I come from, and set up my first atelier. The years after I conciliated my work in the studio and teaching at various places in Portugal. Whenever I had the opportunity, I'd go to Spain to learn more in courses with the potters I admired, who occasionally shared some knowledge. In 2000 I moved to Proença-a-Nova and continued to work and travel to learn. I went to Cuba and the Dominican Republic in months of work. It were years of great and varied activity around ceramics. In 2010 I finished a stage of my life and in the same year 'El Amor' brought me to Spain.


"I take inspiration in life, people, what I see or read, the music I listen and details that are everywhere. I like some japanese aesthetics and minimalism. My work comes from within, filtered and simplified."