Interview with Ramiro Paulino

After the launch of the beautiful Martim sunglasses in O Editorial shop, Ramiro Paulino explained to us his inspiration for the model, the brand's concept and the importance of producing in Portugal:

What was the key inspiration behind Martim frame?
My foundation is my family and my heritage is my inspiration . The Martim model is young, fresh, light, simple yet impetuous, like his namesake, my great-nephew. Among many models based in family members from the past, I think Martin was the first model I designed thinking in a family member of my present (and with one foot in the future).

"Paulino Spectacles distinguishes by care in the design, without following trends, in the choice of parts and materials, the finishes, the colours selected for each model, the handmade production... and always referring, somehow, to a member of the Paulino family. The frames are made in the traditional way, with soul!"

Ramiro Paulino

What is the importance of producing in Portugal?
It is paramount. I try to use the maximum resources of national origin, and not just eyeglasses are produced here, also boxes and bags (taking advantage of raw materials of portuguese origin, such as cork and now burel). The fact of being produced in Portugal also facilitates quality control of each part. I personally oversee everything, cleaning, packaging, one by one, before leaving for the optical shops, either in Portugal, France, Spain, Italy or Japan.