Interview Morten Bo Jensen

Working with Vipp for almost ten years, the danish brand is one of my favourite, for its timeless design, sturdiness and functionality. Known for the iconic trash bins, Vipp launched recently an appealing kitchen range, designed by Morten Bo Jensen. O Editorial talked talked with the danish designer:

Where do you seek inspiration?
In objects that work! A seemingly simple object as a stapler came to life to fulfill a function; stripped of unnecessary superfluous it’s a form follows function philosophy in its essence. In this way the object makes sense and can even be considered quite aesthetic. I also seek inspiration in large volume objects like a plane or a ferry. This is product design in big scale and is a clear reference in our kitchen design, like these objects the kitchen is a voluminous, transportable, and has a design construction with a profound detail level.


How do integrate Vipp legacy in the new products?
There are distinct similarities between the more than 70-year-old Vipp bin and newer Vipp products. When looking at our complete product collection, the aesthetic synergy and coherence are evident event despite the fact that the collection contains products developed over 70 years ago. At the same time each product serve its own different function so the relationship is dynamic but nevertheless unmistakable.
Holger Nielsen’s original pedal bin was not designed in the strict traditional sense, but got its visual expression in response to a series of functional criteria: A large foot so it is stable, a domed steel lid on top which is easy to clean, ears on the side of the body so it is easy to move around and a rubber ring at the base to protect the floor. These functional dogmas remain the starting point for our designs.


What is the concept of the kitchen range?
A range of modules in different sizes can be combined and formed after individual needs. The complete Vipp kitchen concept unfolds in every detail – even fixtures, drawer pulls and inserts, range hood as well as gas knobs are developed in respect to Vipp’s design DNA injecting a functional and visual cohesiveness into the kitchen. Vipp’s more than 70 years of experience within processing of steel makes stainless steel an evident choice of material in the development of the Vipp kitchen. Like with the Vipp bin, we bring the industrial look into the home with the new kitchen – a solid product, standing to be used day after day.


The things you most enjoy in Copenhagen?
I live in the Copenhagen area, Islands Brygge, an old industrial harbour. Today it is 50 % modern private housing and 50 % industry. An inspiring environment surrounded by traditional manufacturing workshops; steel workshop, Copenhagen Furniture carpentry, and old bike workshop, galleries. And I live just next door to the Vipp Headquarters which means that my daily life is not characterized by lots of transport. In the summertime I enjoy the grand Copenhagen canal, where BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) have made a public bathing establishment, where you can swim in the canal. In terms of architecture i like the Copenhagen University Library, BIG's loft office complex at Carl Jacobsensvej in Valby, Skuespilhuset and the MDRDV silos on Islands Brygge. My favourite museums are the Jewish one and Louisiana. Kunsthal Charlottenborg gallery is also a place to visit. Love the Elmegade in Nørrebro and Værnedamsvej streets. The panoramic View in Cafe Hovedtelegrafen, the Halvandet marina, Kongens Have park are worth seeing. My favourite shops are WoodWood for fashion, Nord in Frederiksberg and Dansk in Istedgade for design, a Boutique Stinne Holm in Nørrebro and Normann Copenhagen in Østerbro. To eat, love Atlas Bar and Beau Marché in the city centre, Cafe Alma in Islands Brygge, Restaurant Høst, Gejst and Radio. To drink, Sing is a great teahouse, The Library bar and Nørrebro Bryghus for beer, Torvehallerne for refreshments, Vinhanen for wine and coffee from Riccos. Copenhagen Admiral and Nimb are great hotels.


In the round photo, Morten Bo Jensen with his family.
Morten Bo Jensen's house photos by Anders Hviid Haglund
Historic image by Vipp