Interview Maria Riding Company

Founded by four friends from Lisbon, Maria Riding Company is one of the most interesting projects in Portugal. Having the middle 20th century aesthetics as reference, the brand is inspired in "the real emotions of the past, perfectly crafted into special rides for the last true essence seekers". Besides the vintage bikes they recover, Maria also reflects their passion for surf, presenting a collection of boards made in Portugal. O Editorial talked with Luís Correia, photographer and co-founder of Maria:

How Maria was born?
It was born 3 years ago, but is public only since 2012. In reality, what we're doing is the reflexion of our passions and experiences that we had along our life in contact with this universe. The motorcycles, vintage cars, surf, sixties films, music, analogic photography, stuff that always surrounded us and ended to create the will to develop a brand with this essence.


"The passion for bikes always existed in us. Not by the performance approach, but by the fun side of it and freedom that this vehicle always provided us".

Who are your references?
There are several names that inspire us today and are true sculptors, be it for the quality of their work or avant-gardism. Builders like the japanese Shinya Kimura, Walt Siegl, Max Hazan, Ian Barry ans Wrenchmonkees.


How do you choose the bikes you to rebuilt?

Usually we've preference for seventies bikes. That doens't mean we don't use eighties and nineties bikes or even more recent, but in that decade motorcycles had a richer essence, are loaded with history and were true revolutions globally. Several motorcycles brands had their international boom during that decade, therefore it makes more sense to take this part of history and reinterpreting in our own way, because we think the end product will have more value.

Favourite places to ride you bike and surf?
Ericeira is our favourite place to surf, by all reasons possible. It's possibly where the best waves of Europe exist.
To ride our bikes, our country is amazing, we've it all, the climate, roads, landscape. But maybe Alentejo and our coast are our favourite.