Interview Ideal & Co

In the first collaboration with O Editorial, Ideal & Co made a special edition bag in leather and 100% wool felt, produced in a portuguese wool mill with more than 80 years, being perfect to take your personal accessories, laptop, tablet or favourite books. O Editorial talked with Rute Vieira and José Lima, founders of the brand:

How did Ideal & Co started?
It's the result of stories and things we've experienced. In which the will to create something beautiful got together with the aim to pair portuguese material patrimony with a concept of contemporaneity. Born in 2012, the brand is really the continuation of a project started by Rute's grandfather, António Vieira, in 1935. The name Ideal & Co – Living Heritage was inspired by the name of the factory opened by him in 1959: 'Fábrica de Curtumes Ideal'. A brand inspired by the historic, social and cultural context of a family and a region, that has the richness of materials, natural and human resources of Aires and Candeeiros Park as starting point and inspiration for each collection.

"We're very proud of Ideal & Co's manual production process. Each piece is cut individually, sawn and assembled by the same artisan. In the interior of the pieces there's a tag dedicated to the artisan, that shows his signature, making them proud for being part of this project and ensuring the quality of the work".


What's the importance of producing in Portugal?
Working with the tanning industry in Alcanena region, in the vegetal 100% vegetal tanning process, we recovered old manufacturing and leather treatment techniques. Nowadays in Europe it's very rare to find factories that tan the leather with this eco-friendly method. In Portugal, the few that have survived were making accesories for horse riding. For us is a privilege to have access to this raw materials, so noble that carry with them a legacy of great human and cultural richness. 
In parallel to the traditional tanning industry, not polluting, Ideal & Co tries to give a new life to small workshops and artisans that still work this products in a traditional way. Giving visibility in our collections to the work of excellence, more and more rare, that this people do with great passion, we show a 100% portuguese brand that reinterprets, preserves and shares the beauty of everything authentic and Made In Portugal.

"The Ideal & Co x O Editorial messenger bag is made in high-quality 100% wool felt and portuguese 100% vegetal tanned letahre and is unique in its elegant simplicity and very functional. A trendy and timeless piece, that adapts to any look. Light and practical, the bag has an inside partition to put the laptop and more space to other daily accesories!"