Interview Grafolita

In the first collaboration with O Editorial, Catarina Vaz made an exclusive accordion notebook with a grey cover and a colourful elastic in red. This plain notebook is ideal to draw your most inspired sketches or to note down your next big idea. O Editorial talked with Catarina Vaz, founder of Grafolita:

How did Grafolita started?
Grafolita born out of the will to escape the computer, in which i work everyday as a designer in a digital communication agency, and also to create my own project. I bought some typography material from an old printing house that was closing and after several experiences, i thought that should give it some sense, creating something with utility. Then i came up with the idea of making notebooks that stood out, from the ones available on the market, through design, materials and production techniques.

"What make Grafolita notebooks special is being handmade through traditional techniques, that are reinterpreted and used in a new design approach, in the care for finishings and materials. In my opinion, an item being made by hand is no excuse to have rude finishings."


How do you make the notebooks?
All notebooks are made by me, using traditional binding techniques and manual typographic printing. I usually make series of notebooks dividing the process in several stages: cutting paper, gluing, printing and finishing. The first notebooks were made in an old printing press, but now i make it in a small typographic machine with arm, even though being manual, the printing process is faster. The way i make it is very intuitive and i learn along the way when i've new ideas. Sometimes i search on the internet, books and asking to persons that know the trade, like Mr Trov√£o, that has worked as a printer in the last 70 years.

"The collaboration with O Editorial was proposed to me when Grafolita only had a few months of existence and i was very happy because i followed O Editorial for some time. Like Grafolita notebooks, the articles of O Editorial are carefully done and have a focus on themes, products and persons that are special, inspiring and make our life more beautiful."