Interview Boa Safra

In the first collaboration with O Editorial, Boa Safra made an ash special edition of Zero stool, designed by Luís Porém. Perfect to seat or to use as a side table, Zero is robust and specially appealing for its natural oil finish. O Editorial talked with Magda Alves Pereira, creative director of Boa Safra, and Luís Porém, the designer:

What is the importance of artisans to Boa Safra?
MAP - The artisan is before anything a person that creates objects with dedication and devotion and makes the creation his way of life, without having profit as first goal.Uses traditional and simple techniques and local materials, perfecting and reinventing it. All this factors together make what makes the difference in a product and style of a local brand that works in a global market, massified and competitive. The artisan embodies in a raw and simple way the connection between creative, production an commercial areas. Boa Safra developes products born out of the balance between this parts and activities and finds in some artisans work the 'perfect' products!


What's the importance of producing in Portugal?
MAP - Is to generate richness for Portugal. It's rewarding to contribute for the improvement of life conditions, to multiply the opportunities of fullfilling ourselves trough worl and creativity, both as people and culture. In a country where industrial revolution didn't existed and design discipline arrived latter than in most european countries, is vital to generate work relations between designers, industry and market. Producing in Portugal is 'training' to do better, forming teams and partneships to create a production identiry that generates confidence, value and recognition.

"It's a joy creating something with O Editorial! It has the same meaning of a quality stamp. It's a good example of the partnerships i've just referred. It's good to see the work of Boa Safra evaluated, shared and sold by who knows international design from a close point, without academicisms or boring and fearful prejudices, but in a beautiful, simple, live and positive way!" Magda Alves Pereira


"The intention was to design an object with simple and straight lines. From the first versions to the final one, i  successively removed details that would make the piece more complex, until getting, in my view, the summary of my initial idea, leaving only the essential. The design of legs, that converge to the center of the seat, give Zero a visual stability. In the same way, the use of solid wood reinforce the sturdiness and strength", Luís Porém