Incotex x Mr Porter

Shortly after we launched O Editorial x Velo Culture bicycle, Mr Porter presented a capsule collection aimed at urban cyclists, developed in collaboration with Incotex (one of our favorite brands). As our special edition bicycle, Incotex x Mr Porter collection was made for easy-going men, "the kind of guy who lives in the city and rides to work every day – but maybe enjoys a drink in the afternoon. He doesn’t want his clothes to shout, ‘look at me, I’ve got a bike downstairs!'" says Luca Berga, the product director for the Italian brand. Consisting of five pieces, the collection stands out for the quality materials, comfort and timeless design. We especially like the blazer with reflective collar, the shirt with back pocket and the trousers with its cuffs, fitted with a popper fastening and can be secured around the ankle to keep them away from the bike chain.

 “It’s designed to be worn while riding a bike, so we have to consider comfort, warmth, flexibility. But these features shouldn’t be obvious. They shouldn’t define your style.”