After a break of nearly four decades, Holiday travel magazine returned to newsstands in Spring 2014. Published between 1946 and 1977, the first incarnation of the magazine showed the world like no other, standing out for the original covers, fun layout, the challenging choice of photographers and the aura of its writers, including emblematic figures as Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck or Henri Cartier-Bresson. Without budgetary limits, the magazine sent a writer and photographer to a location, and asked them to tell from their point of view without constraints of style, objectiveness or length.
Despite having more than one million subscribers in the United States, in its heyday, the new Holiday comes to life on the other side of the Atlantic, in Paris. Under the creative direction of Atelier Franck Durand, Holiday wants to capture the essence, aesthetic demands and the sense of journalistic adventure of the original version, betting heavily on the stories and images, through an eclectic mix of articles, interviews, chronicles and fashion editorials.
The most recent issue, the winter edition dedicated to Scotland, shows this region of the UK in a new light through a series of essays and articles on the history, spirit, uniqueness, places not to be missed and many other visual references.
We love the comprehensive view of Holiday, the recovery of an emblematic title and the large format magazines, the paper quality and the outstanding choice of photography, illustrations, art and the vast pages of reading. A must buy!