Green Boots

Just go to the first floor of the new A Vida Portuguesa store at Intendente and one sees immediately the interest of customers in the appealing Green Boots footwear. Launched by designer Pedro Olaio, Green Boots reinvented the traditional portuguese boots made in JSR factory, founded in 1955, offering greater comfort and refreshing the image of this classic used for generations. O Editorial spoke with Pedro Olaio:

How did you came up with the idea of Green Boots?
It started about two and a half years after an offer made to Dsquared2 Shoes commercial director, a pair of work boots with recycled tire sole (I also have used some although somewhat uncomfortable), deserving big accolades by him, even commenting that it could be from any reputed brand. This was the first moment of what is now the Green Boots.


What is the brand's concept?
Is to revitalize the traditional portuguese footwear, offering more comfort and a more current aesthetic without losing the Dna of their origin. All using and reusing natural and organic products in its base, which are sourced locally.

"The importance of producing in Portugal is in first place an added value for the quality of the skilled and qualified workforce we have. The desire to contribute in some way to jumpstart our economy, and the coherence of this project that aims to show the best that Portugal has to offer."


Plans for the future?
The brand aims to solidify and strengthen its status in the market, improve our products, thus corresponding to a constant requirement of the target audience.  Alongside this goal, we are creating a garments brand for men and women, which will use portuguese materials and manufacturing, based on the idea of fabrics and textures used in the past, with differentiating finishes and details.