Grandes Vidas Portuguesas

Once again, Pato Lógico launches a beautiful book collection, this time in collaboration with Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda. Called 'Grandes Vidas Portuguesas' (Great Portugueses Lives), the collection portrays the lives of persons who have excelled in various fields of our history. Designed by André Letria, with texts by José Jorge Letria and illustrations by Nuno Saraiva or Tiago Albuquerque, this series features the adventures and episodes of the life of Fernando Pessoa, Salgueiro Maia, Almada Negreiros or the soldier Anibal Milhais, a hero named Millions. Be is for the stories or the magnificent illustrations, this collection is essential and can be found in the IN-CM online store.

"Anibal Augusto Milhais, small in stature but with lynx eyes able to see the distance that only hunter animals could sight, knew all of the field but little or nothing of life in the city, which was distant and it was quite strange. The field was his home and his world, its territory and its life. "