Founded in 1960, Goicoechea is a pottery based in the peaceful valleys of the French Pyrenees. Led by the third generation of the Goicoechea family, the basque factory joined the designer Jean Louis Iratzoki to develop a new brand of ceramics, Goiko. Combining contemporary design with traditional techniques of working terracotta, Goiko defies the limits of this material, presenting it in a refreshing and appealing way. In addition to the Laga dishes and Soka table, with a wood top and terracotta base, the first collection of Goiko also includes the beautiful lamp Onddo, which has a glazed interior, available in several colors.

"Onddo is a nomad lamp that is easy to pick up and place wherever you choose. Available in different colours, it is based on terracotta with an enamelled inside, a little bit like the old fat containers. The source of light is fitted to the top part of the lamp. An LED device directs the light downwards creating a lovely sparkle on the enamel. The base of the lamp can be used to empty out one's pockets."