Gift Guide #02.13

The perfect gifts for creatives:

Grafolita x O Editorial Notebook - Handmade by Catarina Vaz in Lisbon, this accordion notebook exclusively made for O Editorial pairs an appealing harcover in grey and an elastic in red. With its sheets in high-quality paper, the notebook is perfect to draw or write your latest ideas.

Benchmark Tool Cabinet - Offered in 2011 to Terence Conran to celebrate his 80th birthday, this stunning tools cabinet by Benchmark is now available at Conran Shop, presenting an impressive array of hammers, handsaws and smoothing planes in a beautiful walnut box.

Orson Compact Desk - Designed by Matthew Hilton, and produced in Portugal by De La Espada, Orson is perfect place to be inspired. Love the top in black american walnut, the cast iron legs and the clever cable passage.

Fürst Clutch Pencil - Together with Grafolita x O Editorial notebook, this clutch pencil is the perfect tool for artists and designers. Made in Germany by Fürst, the clutch pencil is available in several colours and features a built-in sharpener for the 2mm lead reffils. In United States, you can find it here.