First Lunch / Picnic ABFO

Abram a Boca e Fechem os Olhos (ABFO), by Marta Braga, is definitely one of my favourite blogs, for the inspiration, eclecticism and good taste. By personal influence of Marta, i find myself wanting to cook, running trough cooking books and enjoying food like i've never done before. The first ABFO picnic, that ended to be indoors due to the bad weather, was something really unique and the perfect demonstration of Marta's passion for food and the art of entertaining (loved the decoration). In the top floor of Palacete Castilho, with views to Tagus River and the bothanical garden, the guests enjoyed wonderful samosas, delicious sandwiches, fresh salads, chicken pie and an appealing chocolate cake with red fruits... can't wait for the next picnic!