Born in La Barceloneta, a fishermen's neighborhood and reference point for local surfers, the Firmamento's shop (open only on weekends) is definitely a place to visit in Barcelona for its unique line of clothing and equipment for surf. Founded by Marc Lite and Anton Pinyol, the brand presents a collection that reflects their love for the sea and the nautical aesthetic. Inspired by the waves and fishermen's clothing, Firmamento has a sober and relaxed style, focusing on quality of materials and local production. Apart from the excellent selection of t-shirts in organic cotton, the Insignia sweatshirts, the merino wool beanies and the wooden surfboard are the pieces that caught my attention the most. In addition, Firmamento collaborated with our favorite AOO to make a limited edition of Pepitu beach chair, using recycled neoprene surfsuits. Love it!

"We design and produce sea and surf products following the simple criteria of timelessness and local production. A brand for life out of the water."