Whenever the director Tristan Stoch send me a message with his latest video, I'm always curious to know what brand was portrayed by the Cineastas, the production company founded by Stoch and Sean Grasso. Finex, a manufacturer of cast iron pans, was recently visited by the Cineastas to show their traditional production method and the passion of a small team of perfectionists, committed to bring back to market these quality cookware. Founded in 2012 by Mike Whitehead, Finex became the first cookware manufacturer to work with cast iron in the United States in the last half century, focusing on a patient, careful and with great attention to detail production. Wishing to recreate the pans that were used until the first half of the twentieth century, Finex pieces stand out by the timeless design and for improving with time, being imbued with flavors, experiences and conversations to taste slowly.

"We're all drawn to things that age more slowly than us, like a stone wall, a brick house, things that will be here after we're gone, things that give confort, joy and stability in a world that spins really fast," Mike Whitehead.