FG Edition

There are matches made in heaven and the one which united the photographer Fernando Guerra and Sul is one of them. Being one of my favorite photographers, and an undeniable reference of architectural photography internationally, Fernando Guerra couldn't be a better person to design a camera straps collection. Following the appealing range of bags by Sul, carefully produced by hand in Portugal, FG Edition features straps in leather and cotton cord with a timeless design, ideal for holding your favorite camera, either a classic or the latest Leica T.

"We favour simplicity and perfection. We make straps that endure the test of time and the weight of the camera. They are manufactured in limited editions in a small village near Lisbon using leathers that truly inspire us. Leather that ages along with your travels and becomes worn and marked with the repetitive touch of hands, neck, sweat and sun. Along with your camera, they keep you company, collecting moments, recorded not as pixels but as tattoos on its skin. Simple straps, inspired and designed by a renowned photographer. And called FG Edition. Because we only use natural leather, it might have minor color or shape irregularities in the same strap. We call it, history."

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