Faculty Department

One of the things that fascinates us the most for a long time is to observe the lives, spaces and stories of creative people. As creativity is a process that arises from a mixture of the life journey, aesthetic influences and personal motivations of each individual, seeing the world around creative help us to understand how ideas emerge and turns into something inspiring for the observer.
The inaugural book of the project Faculty Department focuses exactly on this, showing scenes from the lives of 'noteworthy individuals'. Made by photographer Justin Chung, the volume presents the stories of 13 creatives from all over the world, showing how the small details of everyday life contribute to this people being more efficient, happy and real.
Printed in Iceland, this hardcover book with 265 pages presents figures as the legendary designer Jens Risom, the J. Crew's menwear creative director Frank Muytjens or Tokuhiko Kise, founder of Japanese store Truck, among many others. A must buy, more about it here!

"Faculty Department offers a glimpse inside the lives of noteworthy individuals, while at work, inside their homes, during a particular daily routine or within the stillness of a moment. It is my hope that these vignettes offer a rich perspective on these individuals' philosophies and approach to life; things we can all learn from, or simply appreciate".