Essay #01 - Be a tourist in your own city

We spend most part of the year dreaming or planning trips to cities abroad, but often forget to explore the city we live in. Rediscovering our city is not knowing where is the latest gin bar or a shop that sells rare magazines, but enjoying the place where you are every day. Being alert, curious, with a tourist mentality, is the best way to face the urban streets and be more happy in our daily life. Noticing arquitectonic details of new and old buildings, watch carefully a tree in your favourite garden ou discovering a florist in a street where we've never been might be the solution to forget the hustle and bustle and to fall in love again for the city you call home.
Walking on foot or cycling, allow us to observe everything calmly, slowly, without the pressure of the car behind us! In my case, in Lisbon, my lunch breaks are for strolling around Santos, Lapa, Príncipe Real and Santa Catarina neighbourhoods. Sometimes i walk without a destination and choose streets that call my attention in that moment. This way, i've discovered some impressive things, from small typography workshops, mansions forgetten by time and new spots to watch Lisbon from above. We can't loose our childish curiosity, we've to see everything with tourist eyes! Have a nice walk...

Photo by my good friend Artur Lourenço