Eduardo Basualdo

Included in the exhibition 'Artists Engaged? Maybe' at Gulbenkian, the work 'Teoria' is decidedly one of the most impressive of argentine artist Eduardo Basualdo. Produced with aluminum foil, rope and metal, the imposing sculpture plays with our perception of volume and weight, presenting a big object similar to a large black meteorite, seemingly heavy, but surprisingly light. First presented in 2012 at the exhibition 'The End of Ending' at PSM gallery in Berlin, this series of sculptures arouses curiosity and drama, due to its dark and mysterious mass. Apart from these sculptures, Basualdo presents a great creative diversity, ranging from sculpture, installation and painting. In the exhibition 'Testigo' of 2013, in Luisa Strina gallery in São Paulo, the artist gathered an impressive set of works. While 'Mi casa (es tu casa)' and 'La Caída' sculptures are an allusion to the prison cells, playing with illusion, the installations 'Deus ex machina' and 'La noche en mitad del día' use the mirror to make interesting contrasts between shadow and reflection. The watercolours, are especially interesting for the neutral tones, fading colours and geometrical shapes, demonstrating the strong aesthetic dimension in the work of Eduardo Basualdo.

“I return to the notion of man at the center of the universe like a lucid eye, capable of seeing everything but incapable of understanding or changing anything. In my work, man always appears as a victim of overwhelming circumstances.” 




'Teoria' photo at Gulbenkian by O Editorial