Created by Ann and Jacob Pledrup, dk3 is a danish brand that stands out for its eclectic collection of classics of the past (and future). Having as motto "the true aesthetic is natural, not man made", dk3 developed all its furniture with this idea in mind. "dk3 packs raw nature into an elegant design. dk3 is the manifestation of the co-founder, Jacob Plejdrups vision to unite classical carpentry traditions with modern furniture design".
Making a brilliant mix of classics, like the BM1 and BM2 chairs (from 1958) by Børge Mogensen or the elegant Royal shelving system (from 1948) by Poul Cadovius, with modern pieces (love Pilot chair and dk3_3 table), the brand turned wood its main element for the collection, showing great attention to detail, simple design and sustainability, being a carbon neutral company.

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