Details #1: Port of Lisbon

Having a bicycle to roam around the city and a new camera to use (I'm loving our new Fujifilm X-M1) is one of the best things to see what there is around us with different eyes. The Port of Lisbon, where I pass every day, is one of the places that most curiosity awakens me in Lisbon. Trucks, containers, cranes, boats moored at the dock, buildings worn by time, the oil stains on the pavement, all these elements make ports uninviting places, but at the same time beautiful.

Maybe by my maternal grandfather had been a crane operator at the Port of Lisbon, I still have a childlike fascination for these mechanical giants, with their powerful arms and basic colors. 

In a few places, we can find machines (or objects) as functional as cranes or other instruments used in ports. Everything has a reason, a functionality, there are no meaningless details, just the aim of fulfilling a task, in this case loading and unloading goods, making the city pulse!