As everyone knows, at O Editorial we're lovers of good magazines, independent publications that explore lesser known themes and Deriva fits perfectly in this profile. Having discovered this magazine recently, Deriva is especially appealing for inciting us to look at what surrounds us daily with new eyes, to explore the hidden corners of our city, things that escape us in the hectic everyday life. Being a guide for walks and wanderings in the city, the magazine coming from Stockholm was inspired by psychogeography, where a dérive is an unplanned journey through the urban landscape. During such a drift, you’re simply guided by your instincts and your curiosity, focusing on the path itself rather than the
end destination, making us true flâneurs, observers of the urban life. In addition, the magazine reveals the urban oasis, where the sound disappears, hidden treasures as a greenhouse, a hidden courtyard or a corner in a park, special spaces for relaxing or reading a book.
Devoting each issue to a city through stories, photography, essays and walks through the neighborhoods, Deriva is printed in Sweden and was founded by Marta Vargas, a spanish graphic designer, photographer and creative director living in Stockholm, edited by Helena Öhman and managed by Arno Selvini. A must-read.

“Deriva is a print magazine. A guide to urban wandering, born out of the idea of enjoying the road and observing one’s surroundings. We want you to divert from the usual path; allow yourself to discover new journeys through the city – to follow your senses and emotions on the walk.”