Cuisse de Grenouille

We all know that swim shorts are an essential piece for summer, but rarely we lose too much time thinking about it. This year, I researched a lot and choose a bathing suit by Cuisse de Grenouille to swim at my favorite beach, Cabanas de Tavira. Designed for "surfers or surf dreamers", the shorts are especially appealing for the magnificent cut, quality fabric from Italy and production in Portugal. However, Cuisse de Grenouille is not limited to swim shorts, presenting a complete collection of accessories and apparel, including the striking sweater 'Surf in Paris'. Founded by two brothers, Luke and Séverin Bonnichon, Cuisse de Grenouille is devoted to urban surfers or just for who enjoy the sea and a casual look. In addition to the online shop, Cuisse de Grenouille has a store in Paris, where you can find a careful selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, books and boards.

"Cuisse de Grenouille products are all made in Europe, from Portugal to Italy passing by Spain and France, with a special care in the choice of fabrics and the origin of manufacturing. With always the same objective: to propose products simple and stylish, from the old school board short to the knit tie, so preppy. Cuisse de Grenouille products are perfectly cut, two-colored, and always declined in several colors." 


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