Cold North

Recently launched in London, Cold North is a new magazine dedicated to the work of the best craftsman and brands from northern Europe. Supporting one of the ideas that i'm most identified - that manufacturing should stay in Europe, encouraging the economy and job creation - Cold North is not only the proof that paper publications are well and recommended, but also the movement to support european made products is stronger than ever. To the editors of the magazine, "quality in products is, and will always be a big deal to most people, but if we want quality to have a future in the products we consume, we need to understand and appreciate the actual making of these products. We believe that quality is the result of hard work, deep passion and understanding. It is all about working with the right tools, follow the right work process and use and understand the right materials".
Published twice a year, Cold North seeks to spread the knowledge of creative and skillful people through interviews, essays and quality photography, presenting a fresh view on the world of design, art and craftsmanship. Don't miss the firts issue with a cover illustrated by Daniel Frost!