Casa no Príncipe Real

Last Sunday, before we visited the Monocle pop-up store, we passed through one of the buildings we cherish the most in Lisbon, designed by Camarim Arquitectos for their own use. A few meters from the Príncipe Real garden, this small 5-storey building captured our attention from the design phase, but once built it become an excellent representation of what should be the integration of a modern architectural element in the urban historical fabric. With a plot of only 41 m², Casa no Príncipe Real features a number of original solutions in the organization of space and construction process. While each floor is for a particular function, due to the land exiguity, the building system was in lightweight steel - LSF - overcaming the difficulty of installing a typical construction site and also provides excellent thermal and acoustic performance.
Attention to detail and the search for innovative solutions is evident throughout the building, from the outside to the interiors. The facade skin results from a contemporary approach to the tile of the previous building, which was in an advanced state of degradation. Inspired by the decorative motif of the original tile, the architects developed an abstract pattern that materializes in 3 different medium: a flat-tile base, a bas-relief-tile body and a perforated-steel, light-permeable, entablature. In the inside, while the atrium functions as a thermal chimney for passive cooling during the spring and summer and as a connecting element between floors, the choice of materials is particularly attractive, from the wooden floors and stairways, the exposed concrete or the stone lining of the bathroom areas. Brilliant!




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