This is a project that was born of my passion and Marta (my wife and partner in ‘crime’) and that materialized after many months planning, choosing unique products and develop collaborations with our favorite brands. Cabana opens online now (in the Portuguese version and later the international one) and very soon will have its first pop-up store in Lisbon! This is a space for sharing beautiful things, a curatorship of timeless and enduring objects to make our daily lives happier, we expect you to fall in love like us and also follow the Cabana blog, which will have a mix of news, recipes, interviews, inspirations and much, much more! In O Editorial homepage, you can also find a selection of the Cabana products.

“Welcome to Cabana, to our cabana that is also yours. This is a shop with beautiful things from Portugal and beyond, where the doors are always open, because the idea is just that: enter, get close to see the details and take your time. We love functional objects with a timeless design, things that bring beauty to our everyday lives and make every moment special. We believe that it is better to have less, but better things, investing in pieces that can pass from generation to generation.
We want you to fall in love with each product as we fell in love, because they were all handpicked for their quality and attention to detail. Cabana is ours, but we did it for you!”